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Ferrari 488 Challenge

3.9 V8 Racecar, Not Road Legal

Bouwjaar: Benzine
Kilometerstand: Automatisch

Over deze auto

This Ferrari 488 Challenge is the perfect track car for anyone who wants to experience a racing car for themselves. The Challenge is based on the standard 488 GTB and has also adopted the engine. The 3.9 V8 has 670 HP and 760 Nm of torque. The comparisons between the street car and the Challenge do not go much further than the wing mirrors for example. The race car has been fitted with many aerodynamic modifications that are not seen on the 488 GTB or even the Pista. For example, the front boot has had to make way for cooling and air ducts to keep the car as close to the road surface (of the circuit) as possible. New wheels with centre locks have also been fitted. To change the wheels, the car can be jacked up from the rear with compressed air and brought down in a matter of seconds. The huge rear wing can be set to countless combinations, in order to make the right adjustments for each track.

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